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The Institute of Computer Engineering ZITI announces:

Master of Science in Computer Engineering

A new master specialization 'Robotics, Haptics and Biomechanics' starts from Winter Semester 2019/20! 

Details on the specialization and the module descriptions can be found in the new version of the module manual (PDF).

Lectures from Prof Lorenzo Masia´s group

  • Control Systems Design (Summer semester 180h)

  • Robotics 1 - Kinematics, Dynamics and Control (Winter semester 180h)

  • Robotics 2 - Simulation and Optimization in Robotics (Summer semester 180h)

  • Biomechanics and Biorobotics (Winter semester 180h)

  • Haptics and Human Robot Interaction/Rehabilitation (Summer semester 180h)

  • Robotics Practical (Summer semester 180h)

  • Robotic Games (Summer semester 180h)

Master Specialization in "Robotics, Haptics and Biomechanics"

3 compulsory modules:

-Robotics 1 -Kinematics, Dynamics and Control

-Biomechanics and Biorobotics

-Haptics and HumanRobot Interaction/Rehabilitation

2 elective modules from:

-Robotics 2 -Simulation and Optimization in Robotics

-Robotics Practical

-Robotic Games

-GPU Programming

-Microcontroller Based Embedded Systems

-Reconfigurable Embedded Systems

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