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  • MEDICA 2022 invited talk here 15th November 2022

  • MIT Invited talk 3rd of June 2022, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

  • Harvard MOVE LAB Invited talk 2nd of June 2022, Cambridge Massachusetts, USA.

  • An interview on the Radio for the "SpillOver" Talk with the City of Heidelberg and moderation of Susan Weckauf (click Here)

  • We are on The Webpage of the IEEE Robotics and Automation Society (RAS) Technical Committee (TC) on BioRobotics

  • The Website of the SMARTAGE project online from Carl Zeiss Stiftung: click here

  • The new update from the JETSUIT project: click here

  • The new Website of the "BioRobotics & Biomechanics Group" at Heidelberg is online: click here

  • We are going to Desden Robotic Festival!   click here
    With the talk from our group:
    Enrica Tricomi
    "Soft Robotic Suits: State of the Art and Open Challenges"

  • Lorenzo Masia  Invited lecture on “Soft wearable exosuits: design and control”  Symposium on New technologies for rehabilitation organized by Prof. Robert Riener, ETH Zurich September 9, 2021 SIAF Volterra, SP del monte Volterrano, 56048 Volterra, Italy. click here

  • Lorenzo Masia Keynote “From rigid to soft robotics: robot-aided rehabilitation and soft wearable exosuits” for IEEE Sponsored 4th International Conference in Virtual Mode on  Recent Developments in Control Automation and Power Engineering   (RDCAPE 2021, 7th- 8th October, 2021).   click here


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