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Model Based Myocontrol for Exosuits

A New Generation of Wearable Robot Control

Lotti N, Xiloyannis M, Durandauy G, Galofaro E, Sanguineti V, Masia L* and Sartori M*.

"Adaptive Model-Based Myoelectric Control for a Soft Wearable Arm Exosuit: A New Generation of Wearable Robot Control".

in IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine, vol. 27, no. 1, pp. 43-53, March 2020.

The ability to seamlessly combine musculoskeletal-force estimators with wearable soft mechatronics opens new avenues for assisting human movement in healthy and impaired individuals.
We developed a new framework that combines a model based Human Machine Interface  with a soft, wearable arm exosuit to address the key limits of current actions detection and wearable robotics.

We demonstrated the possibility of controlling exosuits via a real-time myoprocessor, enabling adaptive support under a diverse range of mechanical loads and kinematics during elbow motion. The integration of model-based HMIs with soft mechatronics has the potential to open new frontiers in highly ergonomic wearable assistive robots that will behave symbiotically with humans.
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